Need Cash For Structured Settlements NOW? 10 Reasons To Sell Settlements
Here are 10 of the top reasons Americans just like you decide to sell structured settlements for cash...
cash for your structured settlement
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Need Cash For Structured Settlements NOW? 10 Reasons To Sell Settlements

10 Nov Need Cash For Structured Settlements NOW? 10 Reasons To Sell Settlements

cash for your structured settlementThere are as many reasons to get cash for your structured settlement as there are people with structured settlements, and the same goes for selling lottery payments. But while there aren’t many big lotto winners, thousands of Americans win lawsuits that result in a structured settlement every year. In fact, employee lawsuits have gone up 400% over the last two decades, and the average such lawsuit pays out $150,000. In 2013, medical malpractice lawsuits resulted in $3.6 billion worth of settlements.

So why should you get cash for your structured settlement or lottery payments? Let us count the ways…

  1. Because you’re part of the reason the U.S. economy has $1.3 trillion in student loans hanging over its head, and you want to finally finish paying them off once and for all.
  2. Because you’re delinquent on your student loans! According to the Federal Reserve, 11.5% of student debt was classified as delinquent or in default in June.
  3. Because it really does take money to make money. Rather than waiting 30 years for your money to come in, you’re ready to start a small business of your own. To do that, you’ll need start up funds.
  4. Because you want to go back to college without adding to that $1.3 trilling figure we told you about. Many people get cash for structured settlement payments so they can go back to school without taking on more debt.
  5. Because you want to build up your credit score. One of the best ways to do that is by repaying debts, which can be hard when they’re still collecting interest as you wait for annuity payments to come.
  6. Because you didn’t realize winning the lottery would be this much trouble! Not only did the federal taxman take 25% off the top, but you’re tired of waiting for that annual payment.
  7. Because you want to treat yourself! Financial planners will tell you this isn’t a worthy reason for getting cash for structured settlements or lottery payments. But if you listened to financial planners you never would have played the lottery in the first place! Everyone deserves good things in their life. For example…
  8. Because you’ve always known you’d look really good on a jet ski.
  9. Because you’re finally ready to buy a house, but you need extra funds for the down payment.
  10. Because you aren’t getting any younger! Maybe a 21-year-old can wait for 30 years of payments, but a senior citizen has good reason not to wait.

Like we said, there are many, many more reasons you might need cash for your structured settlement. Remember: it’s your money!

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