Get Your Settlement Money Now
Get settlement money now for your structured settlement annuity deal. Why wait for your settlement money?
get settlement money now
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Get Your Settlement Money Now

17 Jun Get Your Settlement Money Now

get settlement money now
Court settlements are a common and effective way of receiving justice for a wrong that was committed. Court proceedings ensure that employers, government agencies, doctors, and people in general are accountable for any wrongdoing. Lawsuits provide people who don’t necessarily have the means to defend themselves in any other way, an opportunity to receive compensation for something that shouldn’t have happened. In 2013 alone, lawsuits regarding medical malpractice paid out an astounding $3.6 billion to plaintiffs. Employee lawsuits have increased by 400% since 1995. Perhaps most telling about the state of litigation in the United States is that the overwhelming majority of cases — 80-92% according to some estimates — settle out of trial. For a variety of reasons, both the plaintiff and the defendant tend to avoid trials, which are costly, long, and on a more personal level, draining.

However, after the trial or settlement is over, what then? Settlement money is often paid with a structured settlement annuity. That is, rather than pay the settled amount all at once, the courts allot the money into several smaller payments over time. An annuity settlement is sometimes unpopular with plaintiffs because of the shear length of payments. Payments can take place over a matter of years, even decades. People who want their money now, at all once, are often out of luck.

That is, at least with the courts. Selling an annuity settlement is a popular option with settlement winners. By selling a structured annuity to a financial services company, people can see their money come in immediately — or at least relative compared to the amount of time they would’ve had to wait under the conventional system. Under an “immediate” structured annuity settlement deal, for example, receipts can see checks in the mail in a matter of 30 days. Get settlement money now with these lucrative and fair financial offers.

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