Get Cash For Your Structured Settlements: A 92% Satisfaction Rate Can't Be Wrong!
Getting cash for structured settlement has never been easier when you sell it for faster payments or one lump sum.
getting cash for structured settlement
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Get Cash For Your Structured Settlements: A 92% Satisfaction Rate Can’t Be Wrong!

22 Jun Get Cash For Your Structured Settlements: A 92% Satisfaction Rate Can’t Be Wrong!

getting cash for structured settlementsIf you’re ever involved in an accident or some kind of injury, filing a lawsuit is a just and effective way to receive the compensation you deserve. Getting compensation is NOT getting “revenge,” nor is it done lightly. Money from lawsuit trials and settlements provide relief and support for people who have unjustly suffered, sometimes permanently. For people who have been injured in a car accident, for example, or as the result of medical malpractice, filing a lawsuit is one way to make sure that people are held accountable for their actions and that the victims get what they deserve.

However, even if you do win a trial or settle out of court (which happens 80-92% of the time), getting cash for structured settlements is harder than you might think. Contrary to popular opinion, payments from structured settlements are usually not paid at once in one lump sum. Rather, they are paid in what’s known as a structured settlement annuity, which basically refers to an installment payment plan that is in effect for several years. The problem with structured settlement annuities is that they often don’t pay enough money to the claimants, especially if the claimants have serious injuries or conditions that make it difficult for them to work or otherwise support themselves.

Because of this, selling your annuity is a popular option for thousands of claimants in the United States. In selling your structured settlement, you can receive payments that are larger and more frequent than you would under the conventional payment plan. You may even choose to have your claims paid all at once. This option is very popular in the U.S. A reported 92% of claimants who sell their annuities are satisfied with their choice. There are over 37,000 Americans who use this money every year. Needless to say, when it comes to getting cash for structured settlements, selling your annuity is the way to go.

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