Ex-Boyfriend Awarded $291,000 for His Share of Winning Lottery Payments
Florida woman who won $1 million lottery forced to give portion to ex-boyfriend
lottery payments
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Ex-Boyfriend Awarded $291,000 for His Share of Winning Lottery Payments

15 Feb Ex-Boyfriend Awarded $291,000 for His Share of Winning Lottery Payments

lottery payments

In a case that’s been almost a decade in the making, a Florida jury decided 62-year-old Howard Browning deserved his cut of his now ex-girlfriend’s lottery payments. According to the Orlando Sentinel, 62-year-old Lynn Poirier won $1 million in lottery payments in 2007, while living with Browning. That’s where the story, of course, takes two drastically different turns, depending on who you’re talking to.

According to Browning, the couple, who had been together since 1991, had a long-standing agreement that if either one of them won a big lump sum lottery payout or lottery annuity, they would split the lottery payments down the middle.

Poireir, who bought the winning ticket, denied such an arrangement.

“Never under any condition, any place, anywhere did I say I would split lottery winnings with Howard Browning,” Poireir told jurors. “I told him that if I was married to him I’d divorce him. I told him I didn’t want him around me.”

Ultimately, the jurors decided they believed Browning’s story to be the accurate one and awarded him $291,000 of her lottery payments. It’s unclear how they decided on the number. Presumably, Poireir’s cut was much less than a million, considering the fact that the government takes about 25%. The report does not explicitly state whether or not she took the lump sum or an annuity-style payout, like the Mega Millions, which can be collected over the course of 30 annual increasing payments.

At least one person thought the number was too low though.

“It should have been a lot more,” said Browning. “Right now I’m going to maybe take a couple of days off and relax. There’s been lots of tension going on here.”

Browing currently works as a landscaper. It’s safe to assume he will return to his job at some point though, like 48% of lotto winners do.

The jury heard plenty of evidence that led them to believe the couple were still living together and in good standing with each other for some time after the win was made.

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